At AE Clothier we are frequently asked to replicate or create new bespoke designs of blazers.


Choices of cloth are:

  • Pure Wool (Heavy Winter)
  • Fine Wool (Lightweight)
  • Striped/Wool Cotton
  • PolyWool
  • Polyester

Pockets and Buttons

Breast, hip and in-breast are standard size in proportion to the overall blazer.

An embroidered badge can be added to the front pocket - the additional cost is dependent upon the badge design and quality.

Personalised Club buttons can be added to the Blazer at extra cost (assumed 3 buttons to front and sleeve to order), otherwise a standard blank button is provided.

Bespoke Striped BlazerCambridge Blue BlazerWhite Blazer


Bespoke trim can surround the full blazer edge around the neck, to the front and to the base of the jacket. The trim covers the top of each pocket and can include a single ring (or more if requested) around the each sleeve. The band width is to be agreed with AE Clothier.

Lining and Personalisation

At AE Clothier we understand the pride with which a club blazer is worn. Lining colours are agreed to our clients specification and we are able to provide inner liner embroidery where required.

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